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In order to go online with your business and with your startup idea, its required a nice website.

  • If you don’t want to develop by your own you can go with any website developer company with your business idea.

Its recommend to first you choice your website name (Domain name) its should be match your business motive. check your domain availability Link:

Create yourself then you can follow this content.

  • Thru name server it would be connect and name server would provided by hosting seller.
  • In the Google Domains dashboard, next to the domain name you want to connect to your website, click DNS .
  • Add the DNS record provided by your web host. For an A record: Scroll down the page to the Custom resource records. From the Type list, select A.
  • If you are not aware about any developing language then go with WordPress.
  • Thru WordPress you can easily customized the web site.
  • Select a theme in WordPress website , there are store where you can get paid and free both.
  • Theme should be user friendly after selecting theme you can customized the site thru WordPress features.
  • There are many videos on YouTube

SEO:Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO is major factor of online business.
  • With SEO only you can connect with your audience.
  • A good SEO Crowley your site Easley.
  • There are many videos available in YouTube for SEO where you can learn and implement in your website.